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Now available: Summer 2020

Editor’s Note: Readers will find that the summer 2020 edition of Update looks different from previous issues. Ongoing restrictions related to the coronavirus have necessitated some creativity on the part of ACCU staff, who continue to work remotely. We hope you find the material no less compelling.

Submissions of material for future editions may be sent to pmoore@accunet.org.


Catholic Higher Education Confronts Inequality

Disparities in healthcare outcomes, job losses, and victimization at the hands of police spurred pointed responses from Catholic college leaders.


President’s Letter

Catholic colleges and universities are institutions of high purpose. The dual crises that are gripping the world offer an opportunity to reexamine that purpose.


Lessons from the Coronavirus for Catholic Higher Education

Catholic colleges and universities reacted quickly to restrictions imposed to help contain the coronavirus. Now, what can we learn from the experience?


Easing the Burden of Health Insurance for Part-Time Faculty and Staff

Universities can take steps to help prevent vulnerable employees from being uninsured or having to resort to low-cost limited health plans that leave them exposed to significant coverage gaps.



Nonviolence, Peace, and Catholic Higher Education

Catholic college and university students have a special role to play in helping share the peace of Christ by carrying a message of hope into their daily lives.


Laudato Si’ Five Years Later

While the encyclical has had significant impact, the conversion it prescribes is far from realized.




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