Rising Voices



June 22-24, 2016
Caldwell University
Caldwell, NJ


Thank you to all the Catholic college and university teams that joined us at the inaugural Rising Voices Conference. Your participation made the event a wonderful success!

Presentations from Rising Voices June 2016

Catholic Higher Education Landscape: Challenges & Opportunities (Michael Galligan-Stierle, ACCU)

Retention: Best Practices, A Macro and Micro Perspective (Brandon Johnson, Avila University & Joretta Nelson, CREDO)

Recruitment: Tested Admissions Practices to Drive Growth (Christopher Domes, Silver Lake College of the Holy Family & Larry Erenberger, Capture Higher Ed)

Financial Modeling & Innovation (Steven DiSalvo & Harry Dumay, Saint Anselm College)

Collaborations and Partnerships: Cost Efficiencies (Cynthia Zane, Hilbert College & Irene Burgess, Pennsylvania Consortium for the Liberal Arts)

Creating Margin for Mission: Keeping the Faith-Based College Afloat and Faithful in an Era of Disruptive Change (Timothy Hurley, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services & David Crapo, Gibbons, P.C.)


Conference Description

Today's financial and social pressures drive the steady drumbeat demanding lower costs and greater accountability. This is out of sync with the reality of many Catholic colleges and universities, which are grounded in a devotion to opening our doors to the neediest students, while offering the highest-quality academic programs. 

Join us June 22-24, 2016, at Caldwell University for the Rising Voices conference to address these pressures and ensure the viability of our sector. Attend this groundbreaking new event to collaborate with peers, and come away with concrete, practical ideas to:

  • Reduce costs while maintaining student success
  • Increase income streams
  • Effectively manage admissions and enrollment
  • Understand the strategic difference between maintaining existing strengths and building new alliances

Rising Voices will be a conference like no other...

  • Each institution that attends will be asked to bring a small team (of which one member must be the president) in order to ensure institutional commitment. The idea is to encourage dialogue and collaboration, both within and among the teams attending.
  • While the college or university is responsible for a modest institutional registration fee of $250, all on-site costs will be covered by ACCU, Caldwell University, and 160over90. (Travel costs and off-site housing costs are not covered.)
  • Topics will be selected by participants, in order to guarantee timely and relevant conversation.
  • All participants will be asked to identify and share one substantive success before/during the conference. By the end of the meeting, all teams will identify one new idea that they plan to implement upon returning home. 

Rising Voices will assist 15 Catholic colleges and universities from among ACCU’s U.S. members in visualizing and embracing new ways of proceeding. This conference will serve as a catalyst for productive networking and transformative change, empowering attendees to implement system change on campus. Opportunities for reflection will guide conference participants to face issues and allow for sharing, thereby creating space to celebrate things done well and work on those things that need to change.

For more details regarding this conference, email Sandra Kerr-Porcari.



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