Mission Officers Conference

Left-quotes It is most helpful to have the opportunity to learn about how the position and responsibilities of Mission Officers are evolving on campuses.
                           --Past Mission Officer Conference attendee


to everyone who made the 2017 ACCU Mission Officers Conference such a success!
"One Faith, Many Expressions"
January 27, 2017


Complementing ACCU’s 2017 Annual Meeting, the sixth Mission Officers Conference focused on the diversity of approaches in understanding and enacting an institution’s Catholic identity. Among the many engaging conversations was a plenary session facilitated by David Rehm of Mount Saint Mary's University, Maryland, which explored the question, "What is distinctive about Catholic higher education?" Here is a summary of participant responses:MOC-program-cover

In light of reading passages from Newman and Pope John Paul II:

  • Search for Truth (knowing the fount of Truth)
  • Sacramental quality of all relationships
  • Purposefulness of Catholic higher education: Serve the world; aim for the betterment of humanity
  • Assemblage of strangers: Openness of Catholic higher education to the stranger; conscious consideration of how to welcome the stranger
  • See Catholic higher education as a wheel with spokes: Liberal arts, service learning, spiritual dimension, among others
  • Challenge of including Christ in our accounts of this distinctiveness

In light of reflections on the possibility of Catholic colleges and universities disappearing tomorrow OR never having been:

  • Education of immigrants in the United States: Catholic colleges and universities have played a huge role in that work
  • Catholic colleges and universities do a marvelous job at blending the liberal arts with a pre-professional focus
  • Catholic higher education has significantly involved the voices of women, both through women religious as founders and through education of women
  • Political figures have been significantly influenced by Catholic higher education
  • Faculty trained in Catholic institutions have gone on to make significant contributions in public higher education

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