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Student Life in Catholic Higher Education: Advancing Good Practice

In this forthcoming book from the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, nearly 40 contributors provide practical guidance and personal reflections on student life in Catholic higher education. Designed as a foundational text for practitioners, Student Life in Catholic Higher Education: Advancing Good Practice examines what it means to integrate Catholic mission into the work of student affairs professionals. 

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Selected Publications:


Strengthening Catholic Identity (2016)

Available as a series of brochures or in this new single volume, Strengthening Catholic Identity helps Catholic college and university leaders fulfill their responsibilities related to institutional mission. Topics covered include themes like Catholic Social Teaching, Faith & Reason, and Campus Operations, as well as positions such as Presidents, Mission Officers, Chief Academic Officers, and more.

PLUS: Full publication contains Spanish translations of each chapter!

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A Mission Officer Handbook: Collaborating with Partners, vol. II (2015)


The follow-up to volume one, this invaluable guide builds on the numerous and varied roles of the mission officer, specifically as they relate to collaboration with those inside and outside the campus. Authors focus on ways for the mission officer to collaborate and animate mission within academics, student and alumni affairs divisions, campus ministry, the greater community, and more. In addition, a section is dedicated to mission accountability, a contemporary issue for every higher education institution looking to renew its accreditation.

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MOH-vol-IA Mission Officer Handbook: Advancing Catholic Identity and University Mission, vol. I  (2014)

This first volume of A Mission Officer Handbook contains wisdom and insights from 40 authors on the role of the mission officer and effective practices used at Catholic colleges and universities to advance mission and identity.

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Bachelor's Degree Attainment: Catholic Colleges and Universities Lead the Way (2013)

Using data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, this ACCU report charts degree completion rates among students who started at Catholic colleges and universities. Showing their progress over four, five, and six years, the report shows that degree attainment rates are higher among these students than their peers in all other sectors.


The Catholic College and University President (2013)

This report paints a clear picture of Catholic higher education leadership, revealing the prevalence of female presidents in the sector, as well as the institutional commitment of Catholic college presidents, as evidenced by their longer-than-average tenure. Comparing them with their peers in the rest of higher education, the study also analyzes age, educational background, career experience, job satisfaction, plans for retirement, and more.


Mission and Identity: A Handbook for Trustees of Catholic Colleges and Universities (2003)Mission and Identity cover image

A joint publication of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, and the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, this collection of essays provides helpful background for trustees interested in fostering the Catholic mission of their college or university. Order a printed or electronic copy for $10 (add $3.50 for shipping and handling).




Principles of Good Practice for Student Affairs at Catholic Colleges and Universities (2010)

This second edition publication addresses the overarching vision of how a student affairs division contributes to the life of a Catholic college or university. Its purpose is to provide a framework for reflection, conversation, planning, staff development and assessment for student affairs professionals. Copies are available for $1 each to cover shipping and handling; orders for more than 10 copies should be directed to ACCU. A PDF of this publication is also available for free download.




Sustainability and Catholic Higher Education: A Toolkit for Mission Integration (2011)Sustainability Toolkit cover image

Through mission-based initiatives, the Toolkit offers practical suggestions to inspire individuals, families, schools, parishes, and dioceses to follow the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change's Catholic Climate Covenant: The St. Francis Pledge to Care for Creation and the Poor. For each component of the Pledge, the toolkit guides institutions of Catholic higher education to incorporate environmentally sustainable practices; identifies who on campus can most effectively address each dimension; offers proposals for how each element might be implemented on campus; and suggests ways in which the institution might go "beyond the campus" and into the community. Read more . . .


A United Endeavor: Promising Practices in General Education at Catholic Colleges and Universities (2009)

Published by members of the Project on General Education and Mission, this booklet can be used to assist institutions in making their Catholic mission real and influential in the undergraduate experience. A PDF of this booklet is available for download; in addition, a reasonable number of print copies of the booklet can be requested, free of charge, from




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