Funding Opportunities

ACCU facilitates several opportunities for its member colleges and universities to secure funding for activities that support Catholic mission and identity:

Small Research Grants:  This program offers faculty and staff at ACCU institutions support for research projects related to Catholic higher education in the United States. Proposals should engage topics of interest to a number of campuses and researchers should be willing to share the results of their work with others. ACCU reimburses research expenses upon completion of the project.

  • Maximum award is $2,500.
  • Grants will not support research for graduate seminars, dissertations, or thesis.
  • Grants may be combined with funds from other sources including the researcher’s campus.
  • Proposals are peer reviewed
  • Four to five grants are award annually
  • Applicants are encouraged to carry out the grants in summer or early fall with a final report by November 1.

While there are many possible areas of research, including measurement tools for assessment, areas of special interest currently include: Theology/religious studies requirements in general education programs, Catholic studies programs and their impact on graduate, practices related to formation of board members regarding Catholic identity and mission.

Check here for additional information on the application process and a summary of recently funded projects.

Collegium Alumni Grants: The Collegium Alumni Grant Program encourages Collegium participants to undertake activities that build solidarity among program alumni or advance Collegium's mission on those campuses and in broader forums. Collegium and ACCU (Collegium's sponsor) will fund five grants of up to $2,500 each. The grants can fund course development (especially related to general education), scholarship, and workshops that advance Catholic intellectual life and bring it into dialogue with other ways of knowing.

Grant funds have been used to support guest speakers, purchase materials for reading and discussion groups, develop new approaches to understanding a Catholic tradition in the arts, and to provide small stipends for workshop participants. Collegium alumni at member institutions are eligible to apply for the grants, and other faculty may be included in proposals as co-applicants. Campuses may add funds to the grant for larger projects.

Global Solidarity GrantsCatholic Relief Services (CRS) University Engagement and ACCU are jointly offering small grants of up to $3,000 to ACCU member institutions to advance Catholic mission through global solidarity by developing creative projects that move them toward a CRS Global Campus designation.  See this handout, which articulates the vision of the CRS Global Campus and its corresponding programs: CRS Student Ambassadors and the CRS Faculty Learning Commons.

Grant applications are typically due in the fall of each academic year, and should be submitted as a Word document or in PDF form to Check here for information on previous grant winners or read more about the application process.



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