Seasonal Internships

Students in the Washington, DC area may apply for internships of varying lengths, from 2 to 12 weeks in the summer and winter, to part-time during the academic year, two or three days a week. Internships are designed to complement the ACCU mission, the intern’s goals and skill set, and classroom requirements, as directed for academic credit. Students must make their own arrangements with their home campus regarding academic credit.

ACCU and the Association of Catholic Publishers (ACP) are also sponsoring an internship program for students at ACCU-member campuses who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of Catholic publishing. Read more here...


To apply for an internship:

  • Send résumé and cover letter to Staci Scott, Senior Director of Business Operations.
  • Describe the goals and outcomes that you would like to achieve.
  • Specify desired dates and hours per week that you would like to work.
  • Provide names and phone numbers of two references. Your on-campus internship sponsor or adviser should be one of the references.

Next steps:

  • ACCU will contact the applicant for a phone interview and with call your references.
  • If successful, the applicant and ACCU will come to a common agreement on internship goals, the main focus of the intern’s work assignment, and means of assessment.

During Your Internship
What you can expect from ACCU: Interns at ACCU will work on projects which are relevant to their skill set and interests and which support the work of the association. Examples include:

  • Editorial work with the association's academic journal and newsletter.
  • Researching  mission integration projects within Catholic colleges and universities.
  • Preparing documents describing  best practice in Catholic higher education.
  • Working on the peace and justice initiatives.
  • Developing the association's university database.
  • Preparing PowerPoint presentations.
  • Assisting on webpage updates or social media initiatives.

What is expected of you: We trust our interns to be mature and competent. Interns will work closely with at least one member of staff, but are also expected to take initiative and responsibility for their project. This is our way of communicating that you and your work are important to the association.

Housing: Interns from campuses outside the Washington region may find housing from a variety of sources:

Alumni of your university or college may be willing to help students by providing an affordable place to stay. You may wish to talk to your alumni office and see if they can place you with someone in the D.C. area. This option is usually the cheapest with interns paying little in the way of rent.

University Accommodation
Many universities in D.C. rent their halls of residence to interns during the summer months at relatively affordable prices. A list of links is provided below:

Internship Accommodation
There are also residential facilities specifically for interns. These organizations offer great social environments. However, they require applications a couple of months prior to your arrival in D.C. We have listed two below.

Other Options
You may prefer to rent a private apartment while in D.C. Often times these are available for short term and require a substantial down payment. Some useful resources are provided below for those interested in this option:

The Intern Experience
ACCU President Michael Galligan-Stierle:  "While other internship positions focus primarily on what they can get from you, here at ACCU we prefer to collaborate with our interns to create a mutually beneficial relationship. We have worked hard to create an environment in which our interns have an opportunity to develop skills relevant to their chosen career path while at the same time furthering the goals of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities.

"We are always working on a wide variety of projects at ACCU allowing us to welcome applicants from almost any academic background and customize the experience to their needs.

"It is vital that you communicate to us what you hope to take away from the experience if you are successful in your application to ACCU. The better we can understand each other the more valuable the experience will be for all involved."

Kristin Legge, winter break intern:
"During my internship at ACCU, I got the opportunity to learn about event planning. I helped with the administrative aspects of planning and coordinating the annual meeting for presidents of Catholic universities. I worked closely with staff members in updating the annual meeting binder, ordering flowers, creating the menu, and using the database to make name tags.

"The staff shared their valuable knowledge which helped me to learn and grow. It was a wonderful opportunity in which I got a hands-on experience in event planning."

Pedram Norton, BEI Program, summer intern:
"I worked full-time for ACCU on a number of projects both independently and with the ACCU team. My work focused on four main areas: events preparation, research, data entry and oral presentation.

"As the annual ACCU Rome Seminar is in June, I helped to prepare for the week-long event by carefully assembling the seminar mailing, recording participant’s addresses and emergency contacts and proofreading participant correspondence. I prepared an interactive map for the ACCU website containing all Catholic higher educational institutions in the United States. Working closely with Michael, I also delivered an interactive PowerPoint presentation on ‘how to be a better communicator’ to a group of 33 student interns from the Washington-Ireland program.

"Even though I worked with the ACCU team for a short period, I felt comfortable and well-supported from the beginning and left with a sense that I made a valuable contribution to ACCU. I was able to improve a broad range of skills; something that proved invaluable during my search for graduate employment."


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