Past Annual Meetings

ACCU hosts its Annual Meeting in late January/early February. Presidents, their spouses, senior executives, mission officers, and others gather for this three-day conference that explores contemporary issues in Catholic higher education. Browse these pages for information on past Annual Meetings.

2014 Annual Meeting

Catholic Higher Education: Living the Vision of Gaudium et Spes

The 2014 Annual Meeting Final Program remains available for download (PDF; 1.7 MB), as does information about affiliated programs:

In addition, the video presentation "Catholic Higher Education: Living the Vision of Gaudium et Spes," as well as selected speaker remarks and other resources, and photos on the ACCU Flickr page remain available.

2013 Annual Meeting

Catholic Higher Education and Globalization: Finding Our Place in the New Global Commons
2013 Annual Meeting Review

View the video presentation on the African Sisters Education Collaborative:

Award Acceptance Speeches

Plenary Addresses

Striving for Success: Catholic Higher Education at Work in the World

Borderless Communication: Finding Wisdom Amid the Global Chatter

Concurrent Sessions

Stories from the Academy

International Students: Best Practices for Recruitment, Admission, and Integration

A Pilgrim People: Spirituality, Migration, and Human Transformation

2012 Annual Meeting

Catholic Higher Education and Culture: Advancing Gospel Values and Cultivating Civility

Award Acceptance Speeches

Plenary Addresses

Discerning Culture and Advancing Gospel Values

American Catholics: I Have Some Good News and Some Bad News

Concurrent Sessions

Trustees Ensuring Catholic Mission and Identity

2011 Annual Meeting

Catholic Higher Education: Carrying on God’s Noiseless Work

Award Acceptance Speeches

Plenary Addresses

Newman and Ex Corde: Proud to be Catholic

Infusing Catholic Identity Throughout the Campus

Sponsorship & Catholic Higher Education (handout)

The Good News of Catholic Higher Education: Two Presidential Perspectives

Concurrent Sessions

Student Affairs Assessment Through a Catholic Lens
Principles of Good Practice for Student Affairs Assessment at Catholic Colleges and Universities

The Many Faces of Spirituality: Serving a Diverse Student Body

2010 Annual Meeting

Strategic Issues for Catholic Higher Education

Award Acceptance Speeches

  • Hesburgh Award Speech by Rev. Charles L. Currie, SJ

Plenary Addresses

  • Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick
  • Richard A. Yanikoski

Presidents' Business Meeting

Leadership Challenges for Presidents of Catholic Colleges and Universities

  • Mary E. Lyons

Executive Track Sessions

Results of a National Survey of Mission Leaders, Mission Matters (PowerPoint slides)

  • Michael J. James
  • Joseph Lehman, TOR
  • Oscar Mayorga

New Directions in the Catholic Core Curriculum

  • Larry Goodwin: Keeping Mission Alive through General Education
  • John Nichols
  • Lisa Kirkpatrick
  • Andrea Beranek

Concurrent Sessions

Federal Challenges to the Autonomy of Catholic Higher Education

Recent Developments in Campus-Sponsor Relations

  • Margaret Carney, OSF
  • Andrea Lee, IHM
  • Cynthia Zane

Institutional Autonomy and Bishops' Authority

  • Sharon A. Euart, RSM
  • Daniel J. Ward, OSB

Legal, Ethical, and Practical Dimensions of Reductions in Force

  • Thomas B. Curran, OSFS, President, Rockhurst University
  • Patricia R. Ambrose, Partner, Hogan & Hartson LLP
  • Mary Ann Mahin, VP for Human Resources, Georgetown University

CARA Report on Students at Catholic Colleges and Universities

  • Mark M. Gray
  • Melissa Cidade

Assessing Principles of Good Practice in Student Affairs

2009 Annual Meeting

Catholic Higher Education: Hopeful Leadership and Unimagined Challenges

Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC Award

Plenary Addresses

Plenary Panel

Leadership in Financially Challenging Times

Concurrent Sessions

Serving Hispanic Students: Programs of Promise

Managing Financial Aid: High Aims, Hard Realities

Previous Annual Meeting Themes

2008                Shared Responsibility for the future of Catholic Higher Education

2007                Catholic Higher Education that Works

2006                Recruitment and Continuing Formation of Faculty

2005                Faith, Scholarship and Wisdom: Making the Mission Statement Operational

2004                Catholic Higher Education: Sending the Right Message

2003                Strength in Mission Through Solidarity

2002                Catholic Intellectual Tradition in the Public Square

2001                Managing Multiple Accountability: Academy, Church, and State

2000                Sharpening the Focus

1999                Realizing the Vision

1998                Education for Catholic Voices in the Public Square

1997                Achievements and Opportunities

1996                Taking the Will to Change 


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