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The spring 2017 (PDF; 770 KB) issue of Update is now available (best viewed with Google Chrome or Internet Explorer).

Catholic Higher Ed Helping Parishes Stay Vital
Training programs and other forms of support from Catholic colleges and universities are helping local parishes maintain the vitality and relevance of the Church.

President's Letter: Smashing Silos -- With Confident Modesty
Catholic higher education presidents have a distinctive role to play in helping communities journey toward hope. A few simple skills will help them advance that journey.

Conference Takes on Diversity and Inclusion
Attendees at the 2017 ACCU Annual Meeting explored a variety of perspectives on extending the ethos of hospitality to welcome students, faculty, and staff from all backgrounds and identities.

Viewing the Arts Through the Distinctive Lens of Catholic Education
In Catholic higher education, all educational endeavors should aim at nurturing in students a contemplative disposition that invites them to come to know and love God. The arts can assist in awakening in students this disposition of openness.

St. Thomas More: A Prophetic Voice Across the Ages
St. Thomas More's Utopia, although a 16th century tract portraying an alternative universe, speaks directly to the 21st century by challenging the pervasive notion that we are resigned to the persistent injustices of the world in which we find ourselves.

PLUS: Catholic leaders show support for clean power, new grant opportunities, a calendar of upcoming events, Campus Notes, and Peace & Justice Initiatives.

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- Inform member institutions about opportunities for participation in conversations and initiatives pertaining to Catholic higher education at the regional, national, and international levels.
- Share the achievements, success stories, and strategic planning efforts of member institutions in the areas of Catholic identity and institutional mission.
- Call attention to grants or grant opportunities that have as their explicit purpose, intent, or outcome the enhancement of the Catholic character of one or more institutions.

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