Catholic Higher Education: In Our Own Words

This new video, produced by ACCU and partners, profiles five recent Catholic college graduates, who speak about what their education has meant to them. Together, their stories demonstrate the power of Catholic higher education and give voice to the unique and meaningful role of those colleges and universities.

“Catholic higher education may not be what some people think it is,” explained ACCU President Michael Galligan-Stierle. “As Pope Benedict himself has said, a university’s Catholic identity is not simply a question of the number of Catholic students. Catholic identity is not dependent upon statistics. It demands and inspires much more: namely, that every aspect of learning reverberates within the ecclesial life of faith. In this way, Catholic colleges and universities make a vital contribution to the mission of the Church and truly serve society.”

The video also shows how Catholic institutions educate to bring about not only knowledge, Galligan-Stierle pointed out, but also wisdom. “So much of education is learning and testing and that is what it must be. What makes us special is that . . .  we set before our students opportunities to embrace the best of what we all are as Catholic higher education.”

View "In Our Own Words" here

ACCU member campuses are encouraged to post the video to their sites, and to adapt it to tell their own stories. Member institutions can add or replace segments, such as inserting profiles of their own graduates or commentary from campus leaders. TVRE Media Productions, which helped produce the video for ACCU, can provide assistance and guidance. Please contact producer/director Joe Giovenco at or videographer/editor Tom Vetter at

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