2012 Peace & Justice Gathering


February 10-12, 2012
Washington Marriott Wardman Park, Washington DC

During this pre-gathering event at the Catholic Social Ministry Gathering (February 12-15, 2012), Catholic leaders from across the nation gathered to pray and learn, to advocate and strategize, and to share with and support one another. The annual ACCU Peace & Justice Meeting gathers faculty and staff of member institutions to collaborate and share resources on Catholic social teaching and to meet with leaders from other Catholic social justice organizations. Joining with the CSMG gives attendees the chance to meet with leaders and members of several other Catholic groups and make connections that can be mutually beneficial between campuses, dioceses and national and international justice work.

Two attendees of the 2012 meeting graciously offered these observations:

"The Annual ACCU Peace and Justice Meeting held in Washington, DC on February 10–12 was rich and fruitful. The meeting started off with a Friday night reception and welcome by ACCU president Dr. Michael Galligan-Stierle. On Saturday morning, meeting attendees heard short presentations and participated in table discussions: Dan Misleh represented the Catholic Coalition for Climate Change; Peter Kimeu and Lou Charest spoke on Catholic Relief Services; Kathy Brown and Jean Beil presented on Catholic Charities USA; and Jill Raul and Tony Stieritz represented the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

"At lunch, Mary Wright presented on JustFaith Ministries. The afternoon began with a thought-provoking address by Dr. Vincent Miller on Catholic Social Teaching and Catholic higher education. The meeting then turned to an ACCU presentation of current initiatives, with subsequent table discussions. Dr. Linda Plitt-Donaldson and Dr. David Coleman discussed a new Catholic Social Teaching fellowship program for faculty. Kevin Appleby spoke on immigration reform initiatives; Dr. Mark Ensalaco and Todd Scribner spoke on human trafficking initiatives; and Dr. Ron Pagnucco, Frank Farell, and Dr. Susan Crawford Sullivan facilitated a discussion of the Catholic Higher Education and Catholic Social Teaching Vision Statement. The meeting concluded with the Roundtable Symposium on Sunday morning, with Dr. Daniel Finn, Rev. J. Bryan Hehir, and Dr. Maryann Love. All in all, it was a wonderful time of learning and interaction between university members and social ministry partners."
—Susan Crawford Sullivan

"The ACCU wrap-around meeting once again provided an opportunity for faculty to gather to discuss their shared commitment to lifting up the richness of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition on our campuses. This meeting offered meaningful and practical ideas for partnering with peer organizations that are advancing the social mission of the church. For example, I think everyone who attended received at least one concrete idea for forming partnerships with CRS, CCHD, the Catholic Coalition for Climate Change, and the Catholic Human Trafficking Coalition. In addition to providing partnership ideas, the meeting also raised awareness and instilled pride in all that the Church is engaged with to promote human dignity and the common good. The Peace and Justice Committee also benefited from the wisdom of the group to strengthen its initiatives, particularly in advancing the Catholic Social Teaching Fellowship and using the vision statement for CST and Higher Education. It was a very productive meeting."
—Linda Plitt-Donaldson

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