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Now available: Spring 2021

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Catholic Higher Ed Confronts Pivotal Issues

ACCU’s 2021 Annual Meeting addressed big challenges faced by Catholic institutions, while providing hope for a bright future.


President's Letter

After years of common effort, Catholic higher education has cause for relief in one significant area.


ACCU Announcements

The association supports the TREAT Act, highlights resources on racial justice, welcomes new members, and more.



National Dialogue Report: Implications for Catholic Colleges and Universities 

The final report of the National Dialogue offers critical insights into working with youth and young adults.


Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC: Between the Eternal and the Temporal

A forthcoming book on the contributions of the Catholic university president includes a look at his work on civil rights – and resonates with today’s continuing fight for justice.


John Henry Newman and Online Education  online-education

In Newman’s thinking, residency was essential to meaningful higher learning. What would he have thought of online education in a Catholic setting?


News & Notes

Including Collaborations & Connections among ACCU members



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