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Journal of Catholic Higher Ed, vol. 37, no. 2

In this issue:

  • We've Been Here Before: A Brief History of Catholic Higher Education in America, by Michael T. Rizzi

  • Catholic Higher Education as Transformation: With What Warrant? To What Ends? By What Means? by Bernard G. Prusak

  • Teaching by Example: Staff Interactions at Catholic Colleges as Behavioral Models of Christian Love, by Gary Umhoefer

  • Working for the Common Good through Worldview Encounters: An Application in Teaching the Reformation at Catholic Colleges, by Bethany Kilcrease

  • ‘Listen with the Ear of the Heart’: Benedictine Spirituality & the Hermeneutics of Interfaith Conversation, by John P. Hopkins

  • Better Together: Cultivating Interfaith Leadership on College Campuses, by Emily Jendzejec

  • Foundations in Sports Outreach: Equipping Catholic Higher Education Students to Provide a Social Contribution through a Sports Outreach Initiative, by Jimmy Smith

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