Programs for Senior Leaders
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Programs for Senior Leaders


To strengthen and promote the Catholic mission and identity of its member institutions, the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities provides services designed specifically for senior administrators at member colleges. ACCU offers timely, targeted programs and services that:

• Help foster vibrant Catholic identity
• Support cooperation among members
• Respond to emerging member needs


Featured Programs

Chief Academic Affairs Officers

Read about the CAOs Conference and other publications

Senior Student Affairs Officers

See the programs and events designed just for those leading student affairs offices


See how ACCU supports Catholic college and university trustees with distinctive programming

Students on Member Campus

Senior Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officers

Information about available resources for the Consortium for Senior Diversity Officers in Catholic Higher Education

Mass on Member Campus

Campus Ministry Leaders

Programs, resources, and publications to support campus ministry leaders on member campuses

ACCU Members Meeting

Women Executive Leaders in Catholic Higher Education

Support for women to meet current leadership demands and thrive in Catholic higher education executive positions

Members in Conversation

Mission Officers

Resources and programs to assist in guiding your campus in developing the Catholic identity of their university


Student and administrator in conversation

Aspiring Presidents

Open to all senior leaders who have the Catholic higher education presidency in their sights

Student from Member Institution

Community Engagement and Service Learning Practitioners 

Resources and connections to a scholar-practitioners community involved in service-learning and community engagement