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Rome Seminar Readings

June 9-13, 2019

Participants will be expected to have read the following background materials before the beginning of the Rome Seminar. The list is broken down into nine weekly sets to enable attendees to pace themselves through the material.


 Week One: April 7-13                          

Concept: The history and role of ACCU


  Week Two: April 14-20                         

Concept: Mission on campus

  • Read brochures in the “Strengthening Catholic Identity” series (all brochures will be emailed to participants on April 12th for the following week's reading)
  Week Three: April 21-27                         

Concept: Grounding in Catholic higher education governing documents

  Week Four: April 28-May 4                     

Concept: The unique role/model of Catholic higher education in the United States


Each week's readings will be added at the beginning of that week.