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ACCU offers a variety of resources to help Catholic colleges and universities enhance their Catholic identity.


The goal of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities is to strengthen and promote the Catholic mission and identity of its member campuses. The association fulfills this mission by serving as the collective voice of Catholic higher education and by providing timely, targeted resources that:

• Help foster vibrant Catholic identity
• Support cooperation among members
• Respond to emerging member needs


We encourage visitors to our website to explore the resources presented here, including our available resources for specific leadership roles on campus, Catholic mission assessment tools, and advising services.




ACCU provides timely, reliable, and thought-provoking information about Catholic higher education


Mission & Identity

ACCU offers numerous resources related to sustaining university mission and Catholic identity

Data & Infographics

Explore data and research related to Catholic higher education

ACCU Senior Leaders

Senior Leader Programs and Resources

ACCU provides support for a variety of senior leaders in Catholic higher education


Catholic Identity and Mission Assessment (CIMA)

ACCU members have the opportunity to measure the student experience on their campuses in connection to their mission and Catholic identity through tailored surveys

ACCU member presidents

ACCU Advising Services

ACCU member presidents and senior leaders have access to confidential advising services grounded in the uniqueness of Catholic higher education