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Manuscript Submissions

JCHE uses the manuscript submission and editing system of EJPress. This system provides the tools needed to efficiently manage JCHE's manuscript submissions, expanded peer-review cohort, and double-blind peer-review process.

Authors: Please submit manuscripts via our online submission system, EJ Press. This site contains instructions for authors on how to create an account and submit your manuscript electronically. 

Upcoming Themes/Call for Papers
Manuscript Submission Guidelines
Journal Audience
Style and Format
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Upcoming Themes/Call for Papers

The Journal of Catholic Higher Education seeks original compositions that exhibit high scholarly quality. Articles should contain a thesis, argument, case study, historical account, theoretical application, philosophical contribution, or other form of expert analysis.

Published manuscripts represent a wide range of topic areas, such as: the role of Catholic higher education in academia, the Church, and society; Catholic identity; higher education policy; and social justice. No worthwhile topic related to Catholic higher education is beyond the scope of the Journal.

Currently, JCHE is seeking manuscripts on general topics related to Catholic higher education. Please contact for more information.


Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Original manuscripts from individual and multiple authors are welcome. Each manuscript will proceed through a blind peer-review process unless the article is not relevant to the Journal’s mission or patently does not meet scholarly standards. All manuscripts are to be submitted electronically via the EJ Press site. Please visit to read the author instructions, create an account, and submit your manuscript electronically. 


To ensure anonymous review, please upload a version of your manuscript that does not include references to self as author or to the author’s institution. Once articles pass through the full blind peer-review process, the editor will notify authors of the peer-review decision in writing, along with any recommended changes necessary for publication or reconsideration. Articles presented to the Journal may not be submitted simultaneously to other publications. On rare occasions, with permission of the author and copyright holder, JCHE may reprint an article or speech of exceptional value.

Journal Audience

The audience of the Journal of Catholic Higher Education is comprised of policymakers, executives, and administrators in Catholic higher education, scholars from many disciplines, Church personnel, and a broad spectrum of other interested parties.  Manuscripts should be written in a style accessible to the Journal's diverse readership.  Particular care should be given to ensuring that technical jargon, advanced statistical methods, and foreign phrases are minimized or explained in plain language.

Style and Format

We strongly encourage prospective authors to review the JCHE style guide and acquaint themselves with recent issues of JCHE to get a sense of the style and format of the Journal. Published manuscripts represent a wide range of interests, such as the role of Catholic higher education, Catholic identity, higher education policy changes, and social justice. No worthy topic related to Catholic higher education is beyond the scope of the Journal. When submitting manuscripts, please use this checklist to match your submission with our editorial guidelines:

• Microsoft Word document, 12-point Times New Roman font
• Double-spaced
• Chicago citation style
• Footnotes, not endnotes
• 4,500–6,000 words in length
• 100- to 150-word abstract
• 100-word author biography
• Do not self-identify in the text or references (in one copy of the manuscript).

All questions can be directed to