Annual Meeting FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  How do I register for the meeting?
A:   Register for the meeting by visiting the Annual Meeting website. There, you can complete the online registration. ACCU accepts all major credit cards, except Discover, as well as checks and electronic transfers for payment.


Annual Meeting attendees at Opening ReceptionQ:  What is included in the cost of my registration?
A:   You will receive a name badge and program when you arrive on site at the registration area located on the second level in The Capital Hilton Hotel. With your name badge, you have access to attend all of the plenary sessions, the concurrent sessions, and the opening reception along with the banquet and awards presentation.


Q:  Are meals included with my registration?
A:   ACCU will provide daily breakfasts and lunches along with several coffee breaks throughout the weekend. The Saturday Opening Reception is open bar with dinner. Dinner on Friday and Sunday is on your own.


Q:  Can I purchase my registration when I get to the meeting?
A:   Unfortunately, all registrations must be purchased by January 18, 2023, due to planning purposes. 


Q:  How can I buy tickets for special events?
A:   When you complete the Annual Meeting online registration, you have the option to purchase additional tickets for the Opening Reception & Awards Banquet during the meeting. If you need further assistance, contact ACCU.


Annual Meeting presenterQ:  Can I see what sessions will be presented before I arrive on site?
A.   Yes. The program along with the schedule for the Annual Meeting is posted online as soon as it is finalized and will also be available on our ACCU app.


Q.  How can I find out when someone is scheduled to present?
A.    Download the ACCU Programs app to access meeting materials and information on speakers at your fingertips! Hard copies of programs for the Annual Meeting are also available and has information about each of the sessions being presented at the Annual Meeting. Stop by the registration area for additional information.


Q.  Where can I find guidelines and information about Annual Meeting sessions?
A.   Most sessions allow time for attendees to interact with presenters and ask questions pertaining to the subject matter, if time permits. Additional information is located on the ACCU app, website, and in the program. Following the Annual Meeting, any session presentation materials that ACCU has received permissions to be made available along with any recorded plenary sessions will be on our website for ACCU members to access.


Q.  How can I attend a pre-conference?
A.  You can register for a pre-conference using the Annual Meeting online registration site. Each pre-conference has been planned carefully by Catholic higher education leadership task forces from across our ACCU member institutions. Please note that pre-conferences have an additional registration fee beyond the Annual Meeting registration.


ACCU lanyards at registration deskQ.  Who can attend the Opening Reception?
A.   All ACCU member attendees are invited to attend the Opening Reception on Saturday night. Attendance is included with your registration.


Q.  Does ACCU have hotel rooms available for meeting attendees?
A.   Yes. ACCU reserves a block of rooms for attendees each year. You can learn more about how to reserve a room on our Annual Meeting website. Because we reserve rooms in bulk, room rates are typically lower than other hotels in the area.

Please note that The Capital Hilton will not send any solicitation emails for reserving rooms for the Annual Meeting nor has ACCU secured an external vendor to do so. Unfortunately, other conferences have experienced situations of attendees receiving spam emails that may be malicious in nature but looking as if sent by or on behalf of the hotel.  Should you have any questions or receive a solicitation email, please do not click on any links and contact ACCU.


Q.  I'm not from the area.  Any suggestions on how to get to the Annual Meeting venue and what is nearby?
A.   Many of our attendees are from out of town, so we've compiled information, like transportation and things to do while in Washington, DC. This information can be found on the "Plan Your Trip" webpage.


Q. What health precautions is ACCU taking at this year's Annual Meeting? For example, are masks required of attendees while indoors?
A.  ACCU follows all CDC guidelines and District of Columbia Deparment of Health mandates. At present, masking is voluntary.


Q. What should I do if I feel sick while I'm at the Annual Meeting?
A.  If an attendee is feeling ill before the Annual Meeting begins, we encourage you to stay at home and not attend the conference for both your well-being and other attendees'. If an attendee becomes ill while at the Annual Meeting, we ask that you isolate in your hotel room and proactively take a COVID test along with keeping us informed. If you are not staying at the hotel, we would ask that you let us know so that accommodations can be made accordingly.


Wi-Fi sign on registration deskQ.  How do I access Wi-Fi while at the conference?
A.  Through sponsorship, attendees are able to access free complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the Annual Meeting conference floor.  Access information will be noted on table tents and QR codes throughout the venue. Additionally, Wi-Fi capabilities are avaialble in hotel rooms.


Q.  Why are sessions scheduled at the same time as other sessions?
A.  The program takes place over several days with many scheduled sessions, and some conflicts are unavoidable. The planning task force and the ACCU team works hard to avoid conflicts of topics and potential audiences. Please note that venue spaces might have limited seating for sessions. We appreciate your understanding if rooms have reached their capacity.


Q.  Can I cancel my registration?
A.  Yes. To cancel your registration, contact the ACCU at (202) 457-0650 or email. Please note that there will be a $150.00 cancellation fee. After January 18th, no refunds will be given for any Annual Meeting or pre-conference registrations. Please note that the hotel has different cancellation requirements.