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Thank you for your interest in registering. At this time, registration is open only to employees of ACCU member institutions. If you are an employee of an ACCU member institution, please sign in through the link at the top of the page.

If you are not an employee of an ACCU member institution and would like to attend, please call ACCU at (202) 457-0650.

Registration Process

1) Sign in and scroll to the bottom of the page.

2) Select who you wish to register — either yourself or another employee from your institution — and then click Next. 

3) Confirm the contact information listed is correct or make an update. Then click Next to be taken to the registration page. 

4) Registration: On this page you will be able to select all the events for which you wish to register: 

a) You will be able to select the Annual Meeting (which includes 1 ticket to our Saturday evening festivities).

b) Spouses of ACCU member presidents will be able to register for the Presidential Spouse track. This registration includes 1 ticket to the Saturday evening festivities. 

c) Additional registration options include: purchasing additional tickets for Saturday evening festivites, Friday pre-conference events, and Saturday pre-conference events. 

Once you have selected your events, click Next.

5) Dietary Restrictions: If you have any dietary restrictions, please indicate them on this page. If not applicable, leave blank and click Next. 

6) Read and accept the Terms and Conditions. Once you accept, you will be taken to the payment page.  

7) Make your payment to secure your spot at the 2019 ACCU Annual Meeting. We look forward to seeing you in February!


If you have any questions, please contact Matt Walsh at

Please login to register for the event.