US Host Institutions
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Information for U.S. Host Institutions

How your institution can participate:

  • Offer a place at your university/college in business and/or STEM related subjects, such as Business, Marketing, Management, Biology, Engineering, IT, Mathematics, etc.
  • Waive your tuition fees for one year.
  • Help in arranging internship placements at your university or at a business/industry in your community.
  • Assist in organizing speaking opportunities on campus or within the surrounding community.
All other expenses, including room fees, meals, certification/accreditation fees and return travel between Northern Ireland and the USA, will be paid by the student or the Northern Ireland Department for Economy (DfE).

If you are interested in becoming a host institution, please have your college or university's president submit the presidential response form.


Host College or University's Responsibilities: 


  • Administer I-20 / DS2019 paperwork
  • Assign a designated contact person and adviser
  • Greet and orient the students
  • Arrange student housing (shared dorm room)
  • Waive requirement to purchase campus health insurance (Study USA student required to purchase health & travel insurance from Northern Ireland)
  • Provide student support (academic, social & health)
  • Certify completion of the Study USA year to the British Council
  • Require student to return to Northern Ireland after completing the one year placement.



The Study USA program is managed and administered by British Council and funded by:

  • The Department for the Economy (DfE)
  • USA Church-affiliated universities through the waiver of tuition fees
  • A placement on the Study USA program represents a scholarship of approximately $30,000. This represents a considerable investment on the part of the U.S. colleges and DEL/British Council.


Northern Ireland Department for the Economy Financial Contribution:

The U.S. colleges very generously waive the college tuition. Through the British Council, DfE provides the following funding:

  • Room and board (term time only, double dorm, full meal plan)
  • Books (paid directly to the U.S. college/university and allocated onto the student account)
  • Other enrollment costs (application fees, activity costs, etc.)
  • One round-trip flight between Northern Ireland and the United States


Student Financial Contribution:

The Study USA student is responsible for the following costs:

  • £1500 participation fee (waived if student is Northern Ireland–grant eligible)
  • Visa application & SEVIS fee
  • Travel and medical insurance, secured from a Northern Ireland company (see J-1 Visa - Insurance Requirements for more information)
  • Extra costs incurred throughout the year, e.g., if the student wishes to change his or her meal plan or upgrade housing to a single room, and for replacement ID card fees, vaccinations, etc.
  • Bookstore charges, e.g., stationery, clothing, art and computer supplies


NOTE:  When a U.S. institution offers a scholarship for a Study USA student, they become eligible to nominate up to three students to apply for one of a limited number of scholarships to study in one of five Northern Ireland institutions through the Irish American Scholars program.