Programs for Presidents
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"Relevant. Refreshing. Engaging. These words all describe the ACCU Institute for New Presidents. ... It is a must for all new presidents of Catholic colleges and universities, both large and small."

— Past Participant

Programs for Presidents

Promoting and pursuing institutional mission is the responsibility of all members of the university community, but it is the president who bears the primary duty to personify, articulate, and celebrate the Catholic mission. Although not a single-handed task — the responsibility is closely shared with members of the president’s cabinet and guided by the board of trustees — it is the president who must keep the mission as his or her top priority, woven through all decisions and interactions on and off campus. Doing so ensures that the Catholic mission remains a central and defining characteristic of the institution.

For this reason, ACCU offers programs and other resources targeted to Catholic college and university presidents, both new and experienced leaders.


Featured Programs

ACCU Consulting Services

Take advantage of confidential, president-to-president advising

Leaders in Catholic Higher Education

Deepen your knowledge, refine your skills, and engage in personal reflection in order to meet 21st century leadership demands

Rome Seminar
Explore firsthand the intellectual and spiritual legacy of the Catholic Church in order to strengthen the mission of Catholic higher education