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Any staff person at an ACCU member college or university enjoys the benefits of membership, including discounts and access to members-only events.


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Mission Officers
Other Senior Campus Leaders (Trustees, CAOs, Senior Student Affairs Officers)

Programs & Events

To strengthen and promote the Catholic mission and identity of its member institutions, the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities provides services designed specifically for trustees, presidents, administrators, faculty, and students at our member colleges. ACCU offers offers timely, targeted programs and services that:


• Help foster vibrant Catholic identity
• Support cooperation among members
• Respond to emerging member needs



To submit an event to the ACCU calendar, please e-mail ACCU.



Featured Programs


Rome Seminar

Join this unique and dynamic exchange between Catholic higher education and the Curia




Discerning the Presidency

Don't miss this summer conference for senior executives and academics, nominated by ACCU presidents, who are considering the presidency within the next few years



Leaders in Catholic Higher Ed

Looking to advance your career? Build your leadership portfolio through this program


Other Programs for Leaders

ACCU Annual Meeting

ACCU's signature event offers members an opportunity to greet colleagues, share ideas, and discuss important issues in Catholic higher education

Institute for New Presidents 

First- and second-year presidents are invited to learn about navigating the distinctive duties of leading a faith-based university


Inst. for Admins in Catholic Higher Ed.

An opportunity to interact with some of the nation’s outstanding scholars and practitioners in Catholic higher education


Collegium engages faculty from all traditions to discover how they can contribute to their institution's Catholic identity




Grievance Procedures

ACCU is committed to addressing problems when they occur. If the staff is unable to satisfactorily resolve a complaint from a participant in any program or during any event, staff members are expected to bring the problem to the attention of their immediate supervisors or a member of the senior management team. Participants are encouraged to bring any unresolved problems or concerns to the attention of the president or board chair at the earliest possible time.