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Membership FAQs

Is my institution a member of ACCU?
Please reference the ACCU member directory. 


If I work at an ACCU member institution, am I considered part of this membership and thus entitled to the benefits of membership?
Yes. Membership with ACCU is institution-based. All current faculty, staff, and administrators of member institutions may receive the various benefits of membership.


Who is the voting member for my institution? When does voting on formal ACCU member business take place?
The president of each member institution is the voting representative for the respective member institution. Voting on formal membership business takes place at the presidents-only portion of the ACCU Annual Meeting.


How can I update my personal contact information on file with ACCU?
You may e-mail your current contact information to ACCU at accu@accunet.org.  Please remember to include your name, title, institution, complete mailing address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address, as appropriate. We appreciate your assistance in helping keep our records updated.


My institution is a member of ACCU. Can I receive a copy of the Journal of Catholic Higher Education?
Member institutions automatically receive three copies of JCHE as a benefit of membership: Two are sent to the president's office, one for the chief executive and one for the board of directors. The campus library receives the third copy. Other faculty and staff on campus may purchase an individual subscription for $25 per issue or $50 per year. Visit the JCHE page to learn more about subscribing or purchasing individual copies.


What is the deadline for payment of membership dues?
Payment of membership dues must be submitted to ACCU in the form of a check, wire transfer, or ACH by August 31 of each year.


How can I obtain a copy of ACCU’s Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (IRS Form W-9) for my institution’s records?
Please contact accu@accunet.org to request a copy of ACCU’s W-9 form.