Leaders in Catholic Higher Education
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Did you know that the father of modern genetics was a Catholic priest? Did you know that Christine de Pizan wrote pioneering works about women’s rights in the Middle Ages?

Watch the lesson “Achievements in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition” to find out more!  


Leaders in Catholic Higher Education


The Leaders in Catholic Higher Education program is ACCU’s peer-to-peer online learning platform to help current and aspiring leaders deepen their understanding of topics related to leadership within a Catholic context. Access this growing repository of knowledge to help you in your current or future leadership role:

  • President
  • Aspiring president
  • Vice president (Mission, Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Diversity, etc.)


Lessons include:

  • Achievements in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition: See some surprising contributors to our shared foundation for learning at a Catholic university.
  • The Human Person: Learn how a Catholic understanding of the human person shapes how we lead and teach in a Catholic context.
  • Ex corde Ecclesiae: Watch this four-part series on the nature and applicability of this important document for your campus.
  • The Path of Beauty: Hear how creating beauty on campus invites the entire community to deeper faith.
  • The Mass of the Holy Spirit: Learn why the Eucharist is at the center of life on campus.


Deepen your understanding of topics critical to today’s leadership needs. Engage with thought leaders – where and when it’s convenient for you. Most lessons take only 20 minutes to complete!