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Is your board aware of the details of canon law that apply to governing Catholic institutions?

Access the lesson "Two Bodies of Law" to find out more!

New Resource for ACCU Presidents

Strengthen your Board of Trustees


The Trustees in Catholic Higher Education program is ACCU’s interactive, online learning platform you can use to help your trustees deepen their understanding of topics related to governance within a Catholic context.  

Part of the Leaders in Catholic Higher Education program, this growing repository of knowledge for trustees is a new ACCU member benefit for use with your board, at no cost to you.

You and your trustees can engage with thought leaders in Catholic higher education – where and when it’s convenient for you. Most lessons take only 10 minutes to complete!

To gain access for your board, send a list of the full names and email addresses of your board members to lslomawilliams@accunet.org.


Lessons include:

  • Trust and Mission – The Role of Trustees: Listen to the president of ACCU explain two foundational concepts that are the bedrock of trusteeship at a Catholic university.
  • Two Bodies of Law:  Essentials for trustees of Catholic colleges and universities. Hear about some important aspects of canon law affecting your governance.
  • The Role of the Bishop:  Learn about your bishop's role in governing Catholic colleges and universities.

And more!