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New Issue: Volume 39, Number 1

If you're a fan of music from the 1990s, the latest issue of the Journal of Catholic Higher Education has a few interesting surprises for you. What other peer-reviewed publication features articles that talk about Kurt Cobain and David Bowie? Even if rock music isn't your interest, you'll find a provocative array of scholarly articles that both look back at the history of Catholic higher education and ahead to its future, both in the United States and around the world.


In this issue:

The University at the Edge of Words

George Dennis O’Brien
George O'Brien has a suspicion: that 12th century monks and 20th century rock stars shared a belief that life has no place in “academic” study. O'Brien suggests that, properly understood, theology in the curriculum can address both life's glories and its tragic failures. 


Parables and the Principle of Mercy: Reading Parables Alongside the Work of Jon Sobrino

Matthew E. Gordley
Because of their open-ended nature and subject matter relating to justice and mercy, parables are a disarming way of inviting students into dialogue about their own ethical views. This article highlights the insights that emerge in a first-year seminar course when reading parables through this particular lens, and suggests approaches to applying these insights in a wider campus context.


Agonistic Education: Conflict and Centered Pluralism in Catholic Higher Education

Christopher Haw
In an increasingly diverse and secular academic environment, some Catholic universities have appealed to concepts of a “centered pluralism” and a community in difference. This paper examines the theory of agonistic pluralism to both affirm these efforts and clarify how such an approach cannot completely avoid the political. 


Student Affairs, Jesuit Higher Education, and the Founding of JASPA: 1936-1959

Sandra M. Estanek
Using primary sources, including newly available archival material, this article discusses the emergence of student affairs as a distinct profession within Jesuit higher education during the first half of the twentieth century. 


Enrollment in Catholic Higher Education: Global and Regional Trends

Quentin Wodon
The Catholic Church estimates that 6 million students were enrolled in Catholic institutions of higher education in 2016. Taking a deep look at these figures, the author identifies key trends in enrollment in Catholic higher education from 1975 to 2016 and discusses some of the potential implications for the future.


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