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New Issue: Volume 39, Number 2

While politics and the pandemic have created unimagined challenges for society, the administrators, faculty, and students in Catholic higher education continuously respond with faith, creativity, and perseverance. The latest issue of the Journal of Catholic Higher Education features articles that address some contemporary issues such as online education, navigating a polarized world, meeting the needs of queer students, and more. 


In this issue:

John Henry Newman and Online Education

Gabriel Xavier Martinez

How might Newman — for whom residency was key — respond to a model of higher education that lacks a residential component? In the feature, the author argues that when engagement and interaction between faculty and students are emphasized, the educational experience of online learning can bring about many of the goals that Newman had in mind.


Sharing the Lasallian Mission in the Classroom Positively Affects Student Perceptions

Jeffrey J. Sable

When crafted well, mission statements are more than simple words on a plaque or website. They can provide common purpose that inspires and motivates both instructors and students. Here, the author shares an experience of emphasizing the university mission statement throughout the semester, leading to students coming away with a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the Lasallian mission.


Cooperation after Independence: Lessons from Politics

Michael Rizzi

Since the 1960s, many Catholic colleges and universities have undergone considerable changes in their governance structure. While some remain closely tied to their founding religious community, in most instances, the influence of these religious groups has waned over the years. In this feature, the author explores the history of Great Britain’s decentralization of power over its former colonies and gleans certain lessons for Catholic institutions in the twenty-first century, as they lessen their dependence on religious founders.


Reflecting the Gospel Message of Loving and Serving: Experiences of Queer Students at a Catholic University

Kaitlin Gabriele-Black

Stories of LGBTQ+ students experiencing hostility and even harassment while at college are all too common. This article explores the experiences of LGBTQ+ students at Catholic universities and the influence that Catholicism can have — both positive and negative. Acknowledging the preliminary findings of the pilot study, the author notes some ways that Catholic institutions can move forward in better serving LGBTQ+ students.


Supporting the Needs of Breastfeeding Students on a Catholic University Campus: An Innovative Approach

Jill A. Turner, Elaine Webber, and Sandra H. Wilson

Most Catholic colleges and universities serve a large number of adults, either beginning or returning to academic studies. Among these students are new mothers who can face many barriers in pursuing their dreams for higher education. Finding that few Catholic institutions have created spaces for breastfeeding mothers, the authors of this feature developed an innovative approach to create a lactation support space for students, staff, faculty, and guests. Here, they recount their challenges and offer insights for other Catholic institutions wishing to provide a similar space.



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