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Just Published: Volume 38, Number 1

Sometimes it helps to look back before we can look forward.

The newest issue of the Journal of Catholic Higher Education considers several subjects — some historical, some contemporary — that elict continued debate in Catholic higher education. Among these are two articles that explore some of the history, implications, and applications of the Land O’ Lakes Statement, a document that has generated considerable controversy over the last 50 years. Other entries look critically at the "usefulness" of the humanities, the effects of immersion experiences on students' spiritual lives, and the challenges of teaching upper-level theology courses.


In this issue:

Twenty-First Century Questions, Sixteenth Century Answers: St. Ignatius of Loyola Addresses the Board of Trustees
Peter Folan, SJ, and Robert Turner

The Land O’ Lakes Statement set the stage for dramatic changes in the life of Catholic colleges and universities. Not least among these changes was the introduction of primarily lay-led boards of trustees. This article suggests a framework, inspired by the writings and the spiritual legacy of St. Ignatius of Loyola, to assist boards of trustees in keeping mission central to their decision-making process.


Looking Behind the Curtain: The Leaders and Dynamics that Shaped the Land O’ Lakes Statement
Maureen Wangard

This article explores the roles of those who shaped the Land O’ Lakes Conference in July 1967. It also examines the issues these leaders in Catholic higher education experienced that shaped the nature of the relationship between the Vatican and Catholic higher education. The author also takes a detailed look at issues faced by Catholic colleges and universities before and after the Land O’ Lakes meeting.


The Necessity of the Humanities at a Catholic University: A Theological Defense
Conor Kelly

The humanities have long played a pivotal role in Catholic higher education but their prominence is under siege as part of a broader cultural skepticism about the value of the liberal arts. This article counteracts these trends by developing a theological defense of the humanities’ pride of place in the Catholic university curriculum.


Looking Five Years Post-Immersion: The Long-Term Effects of Undergraduate Immersion Experiences
Richard Clark, Anne McGinness, James Menkhaus, and Andrew Costigan

Each year, 1.6 million Americans participate in short-term immersion experiences or missions outside the United States. Here, the authors aim to ascertain what effect immersion experiences have on the lives of those who travel to serve or learn from communities on the margins. 


Inviting Undergraduate Students into Theological Reflection: Meeting the Challenges of Teaching Theology within General Education Contexts
Savannah Williams and Joseph Drexler-Dreis

Written together by a student and professor, this article confronts the challenge of inviting students into critical reflection on theology when those students are committed neither to theology nor to Christian faith. The authors suggest a way to build an accessible framework that invites students taking theology courses within their general education program to think theologically.


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