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Current Issue: Volume 38, Number 2

The latest issue of the Journal of Catholic Higher Education offers new perspectives on some familiar themes, such as mission integration, the impact of religious charisms on Catholic colleges and universities, and the ongoing implications of the watershed Land O’ Lakes event. Several authors also provide new research on the integration of Catholic Social Thought in business education and insights about ways that Catholic institutions may better support contingent faculty.


In this issue:

Charismatic Circularity: Lay Faculty, Practices of Transmission, and Possibilities for Renewal
Mara Brecht
This essay explores the principle of charismatic circularity and argues that this theological principle offers a warrant for lay faculty to adopt and renew the charisms of religious congregations in and through the practices of teaching.


Faculty Commitment to Mission: A Case Study at Cabrini University
Beverly Reilly Bryde, Jeff Gingerich, Nicholas Rademacher, Mary H. Van Brunt, and Jerry Zurek
In 2010, staff and faculty at Cabrini University were charged with integrating the institution's mission more fully throughout the campus. In this article, the authors describe the work that followed and how it led to a mission-centered core curriculum that integrates essential dimensions of Catholic higher education. 


Catholic Social Thought: Current State of Implementation at Catholic Business Schools
Andrew Gustafson, Maggie Knight, Don Lux, Desarae Mueller-Fichepain, Matthew McCarville, and Michael Shick
The authors argue that Catholic Social Thought is not being well-integrated into business school curricula, that it should be, and that hiring for mission, providing and requiring training, and providing needed incentives for including CST in both scholarship and curricula would help make a distinctive difference in Catholic business school education. 


What Chairs Can Do for Contingent Faculty
Jason King
In this paper, the author describes the rise of “economism” in Catholic higher education and suggests how department chairs can push back on this paradigm using the Church’s social teaching on participation, the right to work, and the dignity of work. 


A Reflection on the Duality of Control of Catholic Higher Education in the United States Fifty Years after the Land O’ Lakes Statement
John James and Douglas Rush
This paper reflects on the duality of control at Catholic colleges and universities 50 years after the Land O’ Lakes Statement. The authors explore the concepts of academic freedom, tenure, and governance, as these principles relate to teaching and research, as well as the Catholic Church’s unique understanding of teaching and mission.


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