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"A Catholic university must have the courage to speak uncomfortable truths which do not please public opinion, but which are necessary to safeguard the authentic good of society."

— Pope John Paul II, Ex corde Ecclesiae

Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching is central to our faith. It is rooted in our commitment to the poor and vulnerable and is founded on the life and words of Jesus Christ. Catholic Social Teaching is about building a society based on justice and living lives of holiness amidst the challenges of society.


ACCU supports Catholic college and university administrators, faculty, and students who want to promote social justice using the themes of Catholic Social Teaching (CST) as their guide. Use the links below to read more about selected topics.


Free Publication

Catholic Higher Education and Catholic Social Teaching: A Vision Statement offers guidance in incorporating CST across the curriculum.




Fair Trade & Alleviating Poverty
Read about ACCU and member campus efforts to preserve the dignity of work
Immigration Reform
See what ACCU and its member colleges have done in response to calls for immigration reform


Racial Justice

See how ACCU member campuses are responding to the outcry for racial justice


See how Catholic higher education has asserted its commitment to care for creation