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CIMA Surveys

The CIMA team has created four related surveys, each focused on a particular population:

New students toward the beginning of their college career. This survey helps establish a baseline and addresses both traditional age undergraduates and adult learners. The new student survey offers helpful information about the typical high-school profile of a student and how Catholic mission was or was not important in their decision to attend the institution.
• Graduating students, toward the end of their educational career. This survey measures changes since the first year of college, relevant for both traditional age students and adult learners. This survey also highlights areas that are perceived by students to have been the most and least impactful over the last several years.
Graduate and professional students toward the end of their degree program. This survey takes into account the special application of mission goals to post-baccalaureate programs and the unique relationship between graduate students and the institution as a whole.
Undergraduate alumni during the fifth and/or tenth year after graduation. This survey assesses long-term effects of the institution’s mission-related strategies and gathers important data about students’ experiences after graduation.


After the survey is complete, participating schools will receive their institution's compiled data as well as best practices that may help in areas needing improvement. To learn more about the surveys, please read the Survey Instrument Overview.


Survey Open Dates:

• New Students: Fall

• Graduating Students: Spring

• Alumni: Winter/Spring

• Graduate and Professional Students: Not yet available