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ACCU Advising Services

Confidential, informed advising and consulting exclusively for ACCU member presidents.




ACCU Advising Services offer member presidents informal advising, structured consultation, mentoring, and referrals on a broad range of issues, always with sensitivity to an institution’s mission-centered perspective.  



Leaders of Catholic universities have long turned to the ACCU for:  

  • A thought partner for quick conversations
  • Connections to other presidents who have faced similar challenges
  • Recommendations of experts who can be of assistance
  • Mission and identity audits
  • Sponsorship and governance structure reviews
  • Mediation and advocacy services with sponsors and church leadership
  • Facilitation of organizational sustainability, strategy, and more specific challenges facing the institution
  • Planning and negotiation of partnerships between Catholic institutions
  • Mentoring for newer presidents or those facing especially dire challenges  
  • A broad range of lectures and other educational events for boards, senior administration faculty, and others, on topics related to the challenges facing Catholic higher education    

The “new” ACCU Advising Services are designed to coordinate these frequent requests more efficiently and meet the need for targeted advising to ACCU member presidents.



ACCU Advising Services fill the need for focused, reliable, and confidential advising among Catholic higher education leaders, dedicated to the particular needs of the sector. What makes this program different from other consulting services? Take a look:

  • Advising is president-to-president. Advising is conducted by experienced former presidents — ACCU Senior Advisor Dr. Tom Flynn, emeritus president of Alvernia University, and in some cases by Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, CM, ACCU president. By design, campus CEOs who use the service are talking to peers who have navigated many of the same challenges. All conversations and services are strictly confidential.
  • The services are customized to the needs of the individual member president. The initial conversation may be through phone or email and will be responsive to the inquiry and determine if any next steps may be helpful.  The process is designed to be informal — unless the member president requests a deeper level of engagement, such as a campus visit. 
  • Advising understands the complexities inherent in Catholic higher education. Concerns that are particular to the sector — for instance, relationships with founding congregations — are addressed from both firsthand knowledge in and personal commitment to the special mission of Catholic higher education.
  • Affordability.  These services are offered as a member benefit. There are no fees for informal conversations, whether in person or by phone. Should more in-depth consultation be requested, fees will be at a cost considerably below market value. 



Dr. Tom Flynn, emeritus president of Alvernia University, will coordinate these services, working closely with ACCU President, Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, CM.  Dr. Flynn brings to this work over two decades of experience as a senior executive, most of it as an ACCU president. He has extensive background with institutional and board governance, sponsorship relations, and presidential mentoring, as well as deep familiarity with the diverse issues and challenges facing ACCU presidents. 



Want to get started? Just reach out. Contact Dr. Flynn at or (484) 955-2577, or Fr. Holtschneider at or (202) 457-0650, ext. 222.