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Pope Francis canonized John Newman on October 13, 2019

Images: The Oratories of England

John Henry Newman Resources


Blessed John Henry Newman has been called “arguably the most influential Catholic theologian in the history of the Catholic Church.”1 During the celebration of his canonization in October 2019, ACCU gathered several links to useful resources for those who want to learn more about this key figure for Catholic higher education. Additional resources continue to be added as available.


"Newman thought freely in a way that shaped the way we think today.  For those of us who love Catholic education, he’s a model of someone who gave every ounce of his being to it. " — ACCU President Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, CM


The winter 2012 issue of ACCU's peer-reviewed Journal of Catholic Higher Education includes several articles devoted to Newman's influential work.




"My Campaign in Ireland- Part 1: Catholic University Reports and Other Papers"My Campaign in Ireland, Part I by John Henry Newman

(Gracewing: Leominster, 2021, pp. xli + 614, hbk, £35)
ed. Paul Shrimpton

This volume of John Henry Newman’s Catholic University papers, collected and arranged by his private secretary William Neville, was printed for private circulation in 1896, six years after Newman’s death. Since then, it has only been reproduced in facsimile. It is now published in a critical edition for the first time. Learn more...



My Campaign in Ireland, Part II by John Henry Newman

(Gracewing: Leominster, 2022, pp. cxv + 544, hbk, £35)
ed. Paul Shrimpton

My Campaign in Ireland, Part II contains hitherto unpublished writings by Newman, discovered by the editor in the Birmingham Oratory archives. Learn more...

Update Newsletter Cover-Fall 2019The fall 2019 issue of Update, ACCU's quarterly member newsletter, features a story about the canonization.  



Saint John Henry Newman offers a brief bio of Newman, from Franciscan Media.

The Idea of a University, the seminal work by John Henry Newman, can be read online.

The National Institute for Newman Studies was conceived as a forum for exchanging ideas and discoveries about Newman’s thought and its continuing relevance.

Newman Canonisation: The Journey to Sainthood offers information on Newman’s life and teachings, details about his becoming a saint, as well as an assortment of informative podcasts.

The Newman Studies Program at Newman University is inspired by the university’s namesake and was developed from his Idea of a University. In addition to a program description and video, web visitors may view a sample course video.

The Idea of a University, a blog by author Paul Shrimpton. The site is made up of material from his book The 'Making of Men'. The Idea and Reality of Newman's University in Oxford and Dublin.



'Lead, kindly light' - Pope Francis names Newman a saint – The pontiff uses the canonization to tell Catholics that the goal of life is a transforming encounter with Jesus.

Masses, trips, watch parties to mark Cardinal Newman's canonization notes the many ways that Catholics throughout higher education will celebrate the canonization. 

Newman University celebrates as its namesake becomes a saint highlights the excitement at the Kansas university.

John Henry Newman: ‘A Mind Alive’ – This article from Vatican News features an interview with Newman scholar and author Monsignor Roderick Strange, who provides an overview of Newman’s life and influences



"John Henry Newman: Influences and Legacies" will take place on 18 October 2019 at St. Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey in London. This daylong symposium with distinguished speakers will examine what influenced Newman himself, as well as interrogating his legacy for the Church today. Offered in collaboration with St Mary’s University, Twickenham, the event is free to attend, but reservations must be made in advance.

The campus of Newman University in Kansas has numerous activities planned to celebrate the canonization of the institution's namesake. See the list here.