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The Journal of Catholic Higher Education (JCHE) is the peer-reviewed, semiannual journal of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities. It is the only international journal dedicated to the distribution of scholarly work and commentary with a focus on contemporary Catholic higher education in the United States and around the world.

NewNow Available: Volume 34, Number 1
What are the essential elements to Catholic higher education? The new issue of the Journal of Catholic Higher Education offers some ideas.

Drawing from presentations at the fall 2014 conference “The Idea of a Catholic College,” organized and hosted by King’s College (PA), the new edition explores less the “ideal” Catholic college than it does the ideas that animate Catholic colleges and universities. Together, the contributing authors raise provocative questions:

  • How does a Catholic college or university remain committed to Catholic teachings and foster the vigorous debate that characterizes any serious institution of higher learning?
  • Does philosophy still deserve a special role in Catholic higher education?
  • How does one approach reform of the core curriculum while striving to maintain Catholic identity?
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In the new issue:

Introduction—The Idea of a Catholic College: Charism, Curricula, and Community
Bernard G. Prusak, Ph.D., Guest Editor

The Challenge and Promise of Catholic Higher Education for Our Time
John I. Jenkins, CSC, Ph.D.
Catholic colleges and universities face significant challenges in the present context of American higher education. Yet, there are opportunities to be found in the midst of this crisis when one carefully examines the intersections between the Catholic mission and objectives of an institution and current culture and academia. 

Philosophy as an Opening for Faith
Daniel O. Dahlstrom, Ph.D.
This paper considers some reasons why philosophy, in its current highly pluralist state, can be a valuable means of creating, with the help of divine grace, an opening for faith.

Does Philosophy Still Deserve a Special Role in Catholic Higher Education?
Gregory Bassham, Ph.D.
This paper explores the reasons why philosophy was accorded a special role in Catholic higher education in the United States in the decades prior to Vatican II; explains why many of those reasons are now widely seen as attenuated or obsolete; briefly discusses recent changes to the environment of Catholic higher education that have led many to question whether philosophy should still be seen as a high-priority discipline; and makes a case that it should.

Principles and Strategies for Reforming the Core Curriculum at a Catholic College or University
Mark W. Roche, Ph.D.
The core curriculum is essential for the flourishing of a Catholic college or university, as it is one of the most visible ways in which a distinctive vision becomes incarnate. Most colleges revisit their core on a regular basis. What principles and strategies might guide those discussions? What might the vision look like, and what might be realizable? This paper examines those questions and explores the meta-issues of reforming and fostering a curriculum, beginning with the question of leadership and ending with practical questions of faculty development.

Reflections on Core Curriculum, Mission, and Catholic Identity in Our Time
Patricia O’Connell Killen, Ph.D.
Reviewing and revising core curricula at Catholic colleges and universities is often fraught, primarily because the core symbolizes so centrally these institutions’ identities. Situating core revision as one dimension of a larger shared task in which all Catholic institutions are engaged today—living into and articulating the meaning of being authentically Catholic beyond the bounds of an ethnic/religious/class subcultural context—lowers the temperature and offers a different angle of vision from which to approach the core.

A Catholic Campus in Reflective Action: A Co-curricular Event Highlighting Identity and Mission
Christine De Vinne, OSU, Ph.D.
A campus-wide program to highlight Catholic identity and mission, Community Day has been celebrated at Notre Dame of Maryland University every year since 1993. Featuring a keynote speaker, followed by an array of thematic workshops led by faculty, staff, and students, the event invites participants to reflect on Catholic Social Teaching, embedded in the Church’s intellectual tradition, the liberal arts, and the professions. This article describes the origins, goals, and operational principles of the event.

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