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The Journal of Catholic Higher Education (JCHE) is the peer-reviewed, semiannual journal of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities. It is the only international journal dedicated to the distribution of scholarly work and commentary with a focus on contemporary Catholic higher education in the United States and around the world.

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Now Available: Volume 34, Number 2
From the distractions of our digital age to combating assaults on campus, this issue of the Journal of Catholic Higher Education tackles some of the most timely challenges faced by colleges and universities.

In the new issue:

Depth in an Age of Digital Distraction: The Value of a Catholic College in Today’s World
Conor M. Kelly
Catholic colleges and universities have a unique opportunity to address millennials’ preoccupation with all things digital, so long as these institutions remain committed and are willing to deepen and strengthen a liberal arts education that fosters both the intellectual and spiritual life.

Teaching and Leading Through Dialogue: Pope Francis and Catholic Higher Education
Joseph Curran
Pope Francis’s willingness to lead discussions that include opposing viewpoints serves as a model for Catholic colleges and universities. The pontiff’s style offers several lessons, including his emphasis on dialogue that does not begin with the presumption that one party has the final solutions to the most difficult conflicts.

God Talk Across and Between the Boundaries of Traditions
Mara Brecht
One of the dilemmas faced by any teacher of theology is how to faithfully present and effectively engage students while avoiding the extremes of “Catholic tight” and “Catholic lite.” Here, the author offers an approach that allows instructors to be transformative, communicating across cultural and generational boundaries.

How to Be an Ethical Engineer in an Often Unethical World: Integrated Interdisciplinary Education in the Sciences and Humanities
Patricia Ann Maurice and Brian Peterson
What would true interdisciplinary education mean for students? Deeper collaboration between humanities faculty and their peers in the sciences would expose the humanists to scientific ways of knowing, and provide scientists with a fuller appreciation for the methods of disciplines such as philosophy and theology.

Does Catholic Identity Affect Students?
Jason King and Andrew Herr
Sharing the results of their study of more than 1,000 Catholic college and university students, the authors find that institutional characteristics have less of an effect on student perceptions of Catholic identity than formal policies, especially those related to life in the residence halls.

Where Catholic Identity Is Visible: Differences in College Students’ Mission Perception at Catholic and Independent Colleges
Ellen Boylan
This second examination of mission and identity perception among students compares students at Catholic institutions with those at secular colleges. The authors consider factors such as institutional heritage, respect for diversity, and opportunities for students to strengthen spiritual commitment.

Stewards of the Word: Employing Oral Examinations in Required Theology Courses
Joan Frances Crist and Kirk Robinson
Assessment of learning outcomes remains at the forefront of concerns among administrators, faculty, accrediting agencies, and the public at large. Here, the authors share their experience in applying a specially designed assessment tool in theology and philosophy courses in order to address a college-wide concern about improving students’ oral communication skills.

Educating for Justice: Creating a Mission-Driven Model of Bystander Intervention to Address Sexual Violence at U.S. Catholic Colleges and Universities
Joy Galarneau and Shannon O’Neill
Among campuses of all kinds, sexual assault remains a paramount concern, with institutions investing significant resources and personnel to address what is acknowledged to be a widespread problem. The authors describe an evidence-based approach to sexual violence prevention, grounded in principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

The University as Agent of Social Transformation:  The Case of the University of Central America in El Salvador
Orfilio Ernesto Valiente
Around the world, Catholic universities are helping transform societies. This article describes one of the clearest examples. The University of Central America began as a haven for students of wealthy families in El Salvador, and evolved into an institution focused on addressing inequality and injustice. The martyrdom of six Jesuits there in 1989 stands as a symbol of the university’s commitment to the Salvadoran poor.


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