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As the voice of Catholic higher education, ACCU routinely speaks with and on behalf of its more than 200 member colleges and universities in the United States and abroad. The association represents the interests of Catholic higher education when interacting with Church officials, policy makers, others in the higher education community, and the media.

ACCU in the News

A sample of media stories to which ACCU contributed appears below. 

 7/20/2017 Land O’ Lakes Statement on Catholic Higher Education Turns 50 (Catholic News Service)
 6/6/2017 High Court Sides with Church-Run Hospitals, Upholds Retirement Plans (Catholic News Service)
 5/23/2017 Catholic College Presidents Pressure Trump Administration to Protect DACA Students (US News & World Report
 4/1/2017 Women Rising in Leadership at Catholic Colleges (National Catholic Reporter)
 2/2/2017 Catholic College Leaders Focus on Inclusion, Diversity (National Catholic Reporter
 2/2/2017 Advocates Stress that U.S. has Moral Obligation to Welcome Refugees (Catholic News Service)
 2/1/2017 Catholic Leaders on Refugees Urge Trump to Scrap Order (Crux)
 2/1/2017 On Immigration, Founding Charisms can Guide Catholic Schools (America)
 1/31/2017 Catholic College Leaders Urged to Bridge Racial Divides on Campus (Catholic News Service)
Small Catholic University, Big Muslim Enrollment Try to Build Bridges (Chicago Tribune)


Member News

ACCU also promotes news about its members.

 8/9/2017 Saint Joseph’s College Science Students Will Get More Financial Aid (Portland Press Herald)
 7/17/2017 Small Private Schools Are Struggling, But Merrimack Has Found Its Footing (Boston Globe)
 7/14/2017 For New Jersey DACA Student, the Road to College Is Bumpier than Expected (NPR)
 7/12/2017 Amid Polarization, Nation Urged to Reclaim Civility Through Dialogue (Catholic News Service)
 7/11/2017 How One University Makes Transparent Pricing Work (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
 6/19/2017 Skip the Debt, Get a Master’s, and Start Teaching in Catholic Schools (National Catholic Register)
 6/16/2017 Entrepreneurial Education Is Not Just for Business Students at Iona College (Westfair Online)
 5/23/2017 Catholic College Presidents Pressure Trump Administration to Protect DACA Students (U.S. News & World Report)
 4/9/2017 Immigrant's Journey from Civil War in Lebanon to College President in Buffalo (The Buffalo News)
 4/5/2017 How to Cut Time to Degree (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
 4/1/2017 Women Rising in Leadership at Catholic Colleges (National Catholic Reporter)

Press Releases & Statements

ACCU issues press releases and public statements on critical issues affecting Catholic higher education, as necessary. Recent statements appear below.


9/5/2017 ACCU Statement on the Rescinding of DACA
In the wake of President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program today, the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities calls upon the members of Congress to protect our vulnerable undocumented students.

We, along with 1,300 other Catholic educators, recently signed a letter to Chief of Staff General John Kelly regarding DACA. The letter urged, “It is a moral and policy failure when our government targets children and young adults who simply aspire to live the American dream. Breaking up families and communities undermines the best values of our nation.”

Those enrolled in the DACA program are here to study, to work, and to help build our country as they build their own futures. We express our profound hope that the DACA-enrolled students at our Catholic colleges and universities are able to continue their studies without interruption and that others in their situation will be welcomed to contribute their talents to our campuses.

Now is the time for our nation’s political leaders — particularly our Catholic politicians — to act morally, humanely, and in bipartisan fashion to protect the dreams of undocumented students and the promise of our country.


Other DACA Resources:


1/29/2017 ACCU Statement on Recent Executive Order by the President
Download the news release about this statement, which includes the names of ACCU member presidents who have signed to express their opposition to the Executive Order.

As the voice of Catholic higher education, the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities expresses its strong opposition to the Executive Order signed by President Donald J. Trump concerning U.S. immigration policy. We stand in solidarity with other Catholic and higher education organizations that recognize the moral obligation of our country to assist migrants, particularly those who are fleeing any kind of persecution.

In referring to the order’s halt of refugee admissions, Bishop Joe S. Vásquez of Austin, Texas, chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Migration, stated, "Pope Francis has said that “authentic hospitality is our greatest security against hateful acts of terrorism.” As ACCU gathers this weekend in Washington, DC to celebrate the value of diversity within Catholic higher education, we reaffirm the commitment of our institutions to creating inclusive, welcoming campus environments that embrace people of all faiths and cultures. Catholic higher education was founded precisely to serve the children of Catholic immigrants who in their own time were excluded from higher education. This is a legacy that we proudly pledge to continue.


(Read Catholic Social Teaching on immigration...)

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1/23/2017   Association President Receives Highest Honor from Alma Mater

ACCU President Michael Galligan-Stierle received the 2017 Founders' Award from his alma mater, for "dedicating his life to the service of others as a teacher, campus minister, and in his current position" as head of the association.

11/30/2016  Catholic Higher Education Leaders Affirm Support of Undocumented Students 

Read the statement signed by more than 120 presidents of ACCU member colleges and universities.


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