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The Mission Identity New Student Survey will launch on

August 6, 2018







CIMA Assessment Principles

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Catholic Identity Mission Assessment Surveys 

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Our institutions have changed over the years in response to student needs, social trends, and changes in college and university staffing. With these adjustments comes the question of whether and how Catholic identity, as well as the charism of the founding and sponsoring group, are expressed on campus and assimilated by students.

In order to address these questions, the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, in conjunction with the Catholic Higher Education Research Cooperative (CHERC) and a selected group of experts from ACCU member campuses, has developed the Catholic Identity Mission Assessment (CIMA). CIMA will help ACCU member institutions understand how Catholic higher education adds distinct value to the student experience by conducting pointed surveys within four primary student and alumni demographics.


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Why sign up for the Catholic Identity Mission Assessment (CIMA)? 


The CIMA instruments and the guide will add value in strategic planning and in the accreditation processes.


CIMA allows you to measure what you consider the most vital indicators of your institution’s mission.


Presidents, mission officers, administrators, institutional researchers, and faculty will find CIMA a unique tool to help them measure and document institutional commitments to their Catholic mission.




Register Now for the New Student Survey! 

The Mission Identity New Student Survey will launch for Fall 2018 on August 6th and run through mid-October.  Register now to secure your spot. 

To register follow the links below.  For first time registrants you need to do all three steps: fill out the registration form, pay your one time consortium fee, and pay for the survey.  For those who have already dso, you can proceed to step 3.  

We hope you will consider joining this endeavor to strengthen Catholic identity on your campus. If you would like to begin the registration process for your institution or have any further questions, please contact Rebecca Sawyer



1. Download CIMA Registration Form


2. Pay Your One Time Consortium Fee


3. Register for New Student Survey


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Survey Instruments

CIMA consists of four related surveys, each focused on a particular population


Read answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about CIMA

Institutional Assessment Principles

CIMA engages with a number of the ways in which institutions express their Catholic identity